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This past Saturday was the last day of the Library of Possibility show. The Daylight Project Space in Hillsborough, NC was the hosting venue and two members of the Triangle Book Arts group, Josh Hockensmith and Rio Taylor, were the organizers, curators and shopkeepers.

The collection was diverse and varied from bound codexes to scrolls, to hanging sculptural pieces. Letterpress, collage, folding and printmaking techniques were all put to creative use.

Created in response to the tragic deaths of the Bangladesh factory workers my book, (NOT) Made in U.S.A., compares and contrasts wages and working conditions from several countries around the world. A culmination of research into overseas clothing production, that began with my own closet, the process sparked more questions than it answered. When open and standing the book itself represents the global economy.

The intimate space filled purposefully and artfully with books of all shapes and sizes was a true delight! I was thrilled to be amongst such a great group of talented and welcoming book artists. Many thanks to all who came out to see the show!

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